Different ways to bet on sports

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Ever since there have been games of chance, there has been gambling. It is one of the oldest pastimes around. As gambling has grown older, more ways to play have been introduced. The Betting Veteran has been around for most of them. Because of that, he is the best person to get information from. Fortunately, … Continued

asian handicap betting

Asian Handicap Explained

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  Asian handicaps are a relatively new way to place wagers on a sporting event, at least in terms of popularity. They were named in 1998, and by the early 2000s, they started to make their way into a number of different bookmakers. By the mid-2000s almost every online bookmaker offered both pre-match and in-play … Continued

valuebets explained

Value Bets

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The Betting Veteran is rumoured to have been living out in the mountains for the last five years. Despite this, he still managed to win three fortunes at the biggest bettings in the world during 2018 alone. How did he manage this? No one knows, but some say it was the Shaolin betting training he … Continued


Betting with Cryptocurrency

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Some people think the Betting Veteran is a myth. An urban legend. If you say “Betting Veteran” three times in a mirror, he will appear. That is not true – saying his name in a mirror three times is just silly. What you actually need to do is deal an extra place at your next … Continued

converting odds

Converting odds

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Some say that the Betting Veteran can count cards when playing craps. Some say that if he walks past a slot machine, it can cause a pay-out. Whatever people say about the Betting Veteran, his knowledge of the betting industry is unparalleled. One of the most difficult things about placing bets is working out the … Continued