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Being the Betting Veteran is sometimes hard work. As someone who has built up more experience and knowledge than pretty much anyone else, the Betting Veteran gets sent a huge amount of online sportsbooks to check out – good job that it’s the Betting Veteran’s one true passion to check them out.

Spreadex are an online bookmaker that focus on spread betting. This is a niche area really because there are very few bookmakers out there that focus solely on this aspect of betting. In case you are not already aware of what spread betting is, let Betting Veteran explain. Spread betting is when you wager on aspects of a sports game with the aim of being as accurate as possible. For example, you might place a wager on there being between 40 and 50 booking points in a football match. Spreadex have a target market of customers who place these kinds of wagers.


Spreadex mobile review

The Spreadex mobile website is well put together. Within moments of the Betting Veteran firing up his mobile browser and typing in the web address, it had loaded and was ready. It offered the Betting Veteran two options when it first loaded: sports betting and financial trading. The Betting Veteran went right for the sports betting section. There were instantly plenty of choices for games that were currently being played on the screen. Everything was well laid out and it was very easy to choose a game.

The Spreadex mobile website is very much a no-frills operation. It has the current in-play games in a list, and when you click on a game, it takes you to that game’s action zone. From here, it lists all of the wagering options for the game, which are 95% spread betting options. It also has a collection of stats about the game that is taking place at the top of the screen. This helped the Betting Veteran to choose which wager to place.

The overall design of the Spreadex mobile site is very minimalist, but it works quickly, which is vital when trying to place in-play bets, and it offers plenty of betting choices and plenty of stats. It might not look pretty, but in terms of functionality, the Betting Veteran has not seen many as good as it.

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What bonuses do Spreadex offer?

In terms of bonuses, Spreadex have a highly tempting welcome bonus offer for players. If you lay wagers up to the value of £300 within your first 28 days as a Spreadex member, then they give you a choice as to what welcome bonus you would like. The choice is either £300 cashback or an iPad Wi-Fi 32GB. Because the welcome bonus is cashback or a physical prize, there are no wagering requirements. This is a nice touch because it essentially gives you £300 of free wagers when you first sign up, or if you prefer, you are getting an iPad and £300 of wagers for £300. This is one of the best bonuses of 2019 so far.

Spreadex also offer £100 of free total goals spread bets when you refer a friend and they place five £2 or more wagers that return £20 or more. So if you have a friend who loves betting as much as you, then refer them to Spreadex and you can be enjoying some extra wagers. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, but be aware that if you attempt to cheat the system, you will lose your account if you get caught.


What sports are available to bet on?

In terms of sports on offer, Spreadex offer a wide range of different options. The obvious ones are there, such as football and horse racing, but this is not all that they offer to players. They offer combat sports such as UFC and boxing as well as slower-paced sports such as snooker and darts.

  • In total, Spreadex have 18 sports available
  • They have 19 different wagering markets though, if you include politics

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What features do Spreadex offer?

One of the best features that Spreadex offer to players is the ability to live stream certain fixtures. Obviously, if the game you want to watch requires a premium subscription in order to view it, then it may not be available to stream, but there are still a lot of games available. The Betting Veteran is particularly partial to watching the odd Bundesliga game. For any games that are not allowed to be streamed, Spreadex offers the ability to view the live scores for these games.

They also allow for in-play betting. This is especially apparent when you see odds changing or even the spreads that are on offer changing in front of your eyes. Spreadex also has a list of games that are going to be in play soon. This allows for forward planning, especially if there is a game that you have had your eye on coming up soon.

Spreadex also offer the ability to change how odds are displayed – so if you prefer them as fractions, a more traditional layout, then you can have them like that. If you are a more modern gambler, then you can also choose to have the odds displayed as decimals. It may surprise you to find out that the Betting Veteran prefers fractions, but it is always nice to have the choice.

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Betting Veteran pays a visit



When the Betting Veteran first paid a visit to Spreadex, he was put off by the plain design. It seemed like it was trying to be high end by taking a minimal approach. However, once the Betting Veteran really got into the swing of how many stats there were, and how many events were being streamed, he soon changed his tune. Spreadex left a good impression on the Betting Veteran, and he will certainly be coming back.



Our verdict

Overall, Spreadex is a really good sportsbook. It offers an excellent welcome bonus, which is always a nice way to be greeted when signing up to a new bookmaker. The friend referral bonus is a nice touch as well. The markets that are available are wide and varied. It is always letting you know just when new games are going to be starting, and this allows for plenty of forward planning. The mobile site is a lot more minimalist than the desktop site in terms of design, but both sites are packed with features, which makes it a very useful site.

That Spreadex offers either streaming or live scores while games are going on is an excellent touch. It allows for games to be followed in real time. This allows for wagers to be placed depending on how you feel the game is going. For example, if you have seen a few harsh tackles fly in during a football match, then you can place a spread bet on the number of booking points if you think that cards are likely to be on the way. Spreadex make it quick and easy for you to place a wager on an in-play game.



  • Fast and responsive site
  • Excellent welcome bonus
  • A good amount of markets on offer
  • A good level of features



  • The site is very plain-looking
  • There are very few bonus opportunities beyond the welcome bonus and referral scheme


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