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Intro to Sportbet

The Betting Veteran has been spending a lot of time with older sportsbooks recently. It is something that he enjoys. If an online sportsbook has been around for longer than 15 years, then there is a good chance that they are a quality outfit. He also likes being able to see them grow from their humble beginnings into the finely tuned machines that they are today. The Betting Veteran is a man who appreciates growth, normally of his own bank account when he has put together another winning bet, but growth in others pleases him too. Sportbet are one of those online sportsbooks that have been around for longer than 15 years. They have actually been around for over 20 years – they are one of the very first online sportsbooks that popped up. The reason why they have been around for so long is that they are dedicated to making sure they provide a quality service. Does the Betting Veteran agree though?


What bonuses do Sportbet offer? 

Sportbet do not offer a welcome bonus, but they do offer some bonuses that can be used anytime. Only one bonus can be chosen at a time – it is not possible to use a combination of bonuses. The first is that they will reduce their commission on accumulators, or as they call them, parlays, by 30% every time. This allows for higher winnings to be earned on an accumulator when playing at Sportbet. The second is a cashback bonus. There are three ways to use the cashback, which is calculated like this:

(new deposits for the period) – (redemptions for the period) – (current & pending balance) – (accumulated winnings from previous periods) X (rebate percentage) = (cashback bonus)

The first way is a twice a year cashback. This can be used in the two weeks before the NFL season starts and in the two weeks before the Super Bowl. It will award 20% cashback. The second way can be used once every 30 days and will award 15% cashback. The final way can be used once a week and will award 10% cashback. Sportbet also offer a referral bonus. When you refer a friend to Sportbet, you will receive 20% of their first deposit as a free bet. This has a maximum value of $200, so if they deposit $1,000, then you will receive the full bonus.


What sports are available to bet on?

Sportbet are quite good for the total number of sports that they have on offer to players. They have most of the popular sports on offer, but they also feature a number of niche sports. They remove sports from their site as and when the seasons end, so it is difficult to get a true number of sports that they have on offer. It is safe to say that in general, they offer most sports to gamblers.

  • In total, Sportbet have 18 sports available, but this number does fluctuate higher and lower as each sporting event season starts



What features do Sportbet offer?

The best feature that Sportsbet offer is their stats centre. It uses the same platform as their sister site 5Dimes and offers the best collection of stats for all sports to players. If you like to plan out your bets based on how the stats are going, or if you like to know the right time to carry out your in-play bets, then the stats centre that is on offer at Sportbet is easily the best collection of stats out there.

In terms of other features, Sportbet do not offer much to gamblers, but the stats centre is an excellent feature, and the lack of other features does not and should not diminish the quality of this.


Sportbet mobile review

The Sportbet mobile site is a very complicated site. At first glance, it looks like it is clearly laid out, but it is only when you start visiting the links that you realise it is one huge mess. Finding the sportsbook section is like finding a needle in a haystack. This does make it difficult to use Sportbet, and being completely honest, if it was a less experienced user than the Betting Veteran, they would probably give up before managing it.

Once you do manage to make it to the actual sportsbook, things do not get much better. The spread odds are too close together, which can make them hard to read. It is also hard to navigate to the sections you need. Overall, the Sportbet mobile site provides an unpleasant experience that does not get any better once you make it into the main sportsbook.



Betting Veteran pays a visit

The Sportbet site gave the Betting Veteran a headache. It frustrated him massively purely because the site has so much potential but they wasted it by being way too overly complicated. The site is like getting through a maze. Finding the right sportsbook area to place your bet is actually more of a challenge than picking the right results. There is also no welcome bonus for players, though that is offset by the ability to get cashback throughout the year. The Betting Veteran is always happy to get back some cash, though he hardly ever loses, so the cashback from his losses might buy him a small coffee if he is lucky. The Betting Veteran was genuinely upset when he had finished using Sportbet. He knows that there is a good online sportsbook in there somewhere – it is just finding it.


Our verdict

Sportbet are a real enigma. The site offers potentially an excellent service. However, they make it so hard to gain access to that service that a lot of people will end up giving up before they have even managed to sign up. Why they have to make it so difficult for players to use their site is a mystery, though the fact that they are a sister site to 5Dimes, which have a similar issue, does make sense. Once you have actually managed to fight your way through the maze that is the Sportbet site, there is a wide range of markets on offer to players. It is frustrating that they hide it so much, because it is a genuinely good service.

Overall, if you want to use Sportbet enough, you will find a way. Their betting platform has a good range of games and markets for players, and their stats centre is out of this world. However, for a casual player, this is not enough to make up for almost fighting against the site to get in. If Sportbet want people as customers, it does not make sense that they make it so hard to actually be one.


  • There is a good number of sports on offer to players
  • Their cashback offer can return a significant sum
  • The stats that are available on Sportbet are only equalled by 5Dimes – no one else can come close
  • Navigating around the site is headache-inducing
  • There are not many features available to gamblers


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