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The Betting Veteran has been around the block a few times. More times than he cares to mention really. On his many journeys, he has gathered more knowledge than other people could gather in ten lifetimes. It is this knowledge that he has used to become the most seasoned gambler in the whole world. Why else would people come from far and wide to seek out the Betting Veteran and learn from him? It is not because of his good looks, that is for sure.

Skybook are a relatively new online sportsbook. Their main selling point to try to entice gamblers away from other sportsbooks is that they allow Bitcoin as a payment method. They make this very obvious, by way of the large banner at the top of the screen proclaiming it. While being able to use Bitcoin is undoubtedly a positive move, do they have enough about them to realistically muscle into the online sportsbook world?


Skybook mobile review

Using the Skybook mobile site is relatively easy. Once you have loaded it up, it is fast and responsive. Navigating to the different sports is not difficult, but it is a frustrating task. They are all available on the page as a scrolling menu. This means that if the sport you want is in the middle, then it can be a pain in the neck to find. If it is at the bottom, then you will need to go all of the way down to get to your sport. This can take some time and could possibly cause you to miss out on an in-play bet if you struggle to find your sport in time.

It does have a very professional look to it though. On the whole, the site is very clean and has obviously been optimised to be used on mobile devices. This is something that not all online sportsbooks do, so it is nice to see that Skybook have done so.

Overall, it is a usable site that is fast and responsive.


What bonuses do Skybook offer?

bettingveteran skybook bonusThe first bonus that Skybook offer to gamblers is a 150% free play bonus. This has a minimum deposit of $200 attached to it. The maximum deposit is $2,000. This allows for a maximum bonus of $3,000. There is a 16 times wagering requirement with this bonus. This means that if you get the full bonus of $3,000, you will have an account balance of $5,000. You will then need to wager $80,000 in order to be able to withdraw these funds from your account.

The second bonus that Skybook offer is a 100% free play bonus. It has a minimum deposit of $100 attached to it and a maximum deposit of $300. This allows for a maximum bonus of $300. The wagering requirement is 12 times. This means that if you make the full deposit of $300, you will have an account balance of $600. You will then need to wager $7,200 in order to withdraw funds from your account.

Skybook also offer a 25% referral bonus. When you refer a friend, as long as they mention your name and account number when signing up, you will receive 25% of their first deposit as a free bet. This has a maximum bonus of $375 and has a five times wagering requirement. This means that before you can withdraw the bonus funds, you will need to wager $1,875.


What sports are available to bet on?

 Skybook offer quite a small number of sports for gamblers to place wagers on. They do cover the majority of the most popular sports around, but some of the less popular sports are not included as markets. This is likely for two reasons: it is more difficult to compile odds for less popular sports, and fewer people want to place wagers on the less popular sports, so it is not worth their while including them.

  • In total, Skybook have 16 sports available
  • They have a total of 18 markets on offer when including entertainment and politics

betting veteran skybook sportsbook


What features do Skybook offer?

Skybook offer a wide range of live stats and live scores for in-play betting. This makes it a much easier process when deciding on what to do with an in-play bet. While it does not offer the same amount of control and enjoyment as live streaming does, live stats and scores are still a vital piece of the in-play puzzle.

Skybook also offer the ability to use Bitcoin as a payment method. This allows for much faster transactions as well as superior levels of security. Both of these are highly desirable traits for a sportsbook, so by offering these, Skybook are attempting to be ahead of the curve when compared to their competitors.


Betting Veteran pays a visit


The Betting Veteran found Skybook a nice site to visit. The site loaded up fast and was very responsive to all of the commands that the Betting Veteran carried out. This was a good start for him. He was slightly disappointed by the menu for available sports as it was quite cumbersome and difficult to navigate properly. Finding the sport that you want in a hurry is not easy at Skybook, even for someone as experienced as the Betting Veteran. Once he was actually into the site, things were different. The ability to gain different levels of bonus on deposits was a good sign, and being able to use Bitcoin for deposits was another positive that the Betting Veteran was pleased about. On the whole, the Betting Veteran enjoyed his experience at Skybook.


Our verdict

Skybook offers a pretty standard online sportsbook experience to gamblers. It is not rammed full of features like some other sportsbooks out there, but this does not mean that it is without features. It has a below-average number of sports on offer. There is a range of bonuses, but nothing out of the ordinary. They allow for in-play betting, but as they are an American-based sportsbook, there is no option for live streaming. The site is fast and responsive, but the navigation is slightly clumsy. It is definitely not a bad experience at Skybook, but at the same time, there is nothing special about it that really makes them stand out.

Overall, Skybook is an online sportsbook that do offer something for players. The ability to use Bitcoin is a definite positive, the range of bonuses on offer means that it is easier to choose one that suits your own needs, and the site itself has a really slick, professional look. However, there are many other sportsbooks out there that offer similar experiences while offering slightly more. Skybook is not a bad sportsbook, but at the same time, they do not blow anything out of the water either.



  • The site looks very slick and professional
  • The range of bonuses is good
  • They allow for Bitcoin to be used


  • The site is quite hard to navigate
  • There are not a lot of features


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