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The Betting Veteran has spent a lot of his life in bookmakers. From humble beginnings in smoky back rooms, to the more modern multimedia hubs of the modern world, to being able to sit in the comfort of his own home and place a bet using just his mobile device, the technological advancement is something that he has quite enjoyed watching. It has also made it easier for him to keep up to date with all of the important goings on in the betting world. Online sportsbooks have just made things easier for the Betting Veteran, which is why he likes to share his knowledge with you. There is nothing lonelier than a man who knows more than everyone else. Every time the Betting Veteran shares his knowledge, he makes a new friend.

Pinnacle are seen as something of innovators within the sportsbook community. They regularly try new things to either bring in new customers or to improve the experience for their current customers. It is this spirit of innovation that has allowed them to carve out a place among some of the biggest names in the online sportsbook industry. But what does the true biggest name in the industry think about them? Let the Betting Veteran teach you all he knows.

Pinnacle mobile review

The Pinnacle mobile site takes a novel approach to navigation. They have only included the most popular sports on the homepage.

pinnacle sports mobile

This means that scrolling through these on the scroll bar is a fast and simple task. This does not mean that the other sports are hidden away though. All you need to do to gain access to the other sports is tap the sports icon at the top of the page – the full and complete list of sports will then become available.The navigation is backed up by a fast-loading and highly responsive site. It makes moving between pages a lightning-fast interaction. It looks good as well – this is not as important as the other features, but it is an added bonus that the site has a really nice and professional aesthetic to it.

Pinnacle also offer two mobile apps to players. The normal app includes the full functionality of the main site, while the “Lite” app is a scaled-down app that  just makes it nice and easy to place bets quickly when on the go. 


What bonuses do Pinnacle offer?

Pinnacle do not offer bonuses to players. They have a number of reasons behind this that they use to explain their policy. The first reason is that Pinnacle endeavour to make sure that they offer the highest standard odds around. Of course, some online sportsbooks will artificially boost certain odds as a special, but for standard odds, Pinnacle offer the highest.

The second reason is that Pinnacle do not put restrictions on winning accounts. This is an excellent policy for players, and especially for someone like the Betting Veteran, as it means that they do not have to find a new online sportsbook to use if they become too successful.

They also allow much higher limits on wagers than other sportsbooks. This means that Pinnacle are open to high-rolling players.


What sports are available to bet on?

Pinnacle offer a decent number of sports to players. While they do not have as many as some other sportsbooks out there, they still have a good combination of both popular and niche sports on offer. This ensures that most gamblers will be able to find what they are looking for. Some of the more popular sports that they cover include football, baseball and boxing.

pinnacle sports website


What features do Pinnacle offer?

Pinnacle currently do not offer players a live streaming service when using in-play betting. They do offer limited stats to players, which helps with the in-play betting experience, but in relation to other online sportsbooks, they do not offer as much.

Pinnacle tend to rely on their higher odds and the fact that they do not restrict winning accounts to bring in players over offering features on their site. This is a slight disappointment, as with additional features, Pinnacle would be far and away ahead of their competitors.


Betting Veteran pays a visit


The Betting Veteran had very high hopes for Pinnacle. He had heard so many good things about them that he just wanted the site to be everything that he had hoped for. The Betting Veteran was very pleased that the website was responsive and easy to navigate. There was nothing to hide at Pinnacle and this really pleased the Betting Veteran. He was a little disappointed at the lack of bonuses, but when he saw their odds, this soon vanished. While they may not offer players bonuses in terms of cash and free bets, their odds are better than everywhere else, so if you are a winner, they offer you a bonus in terms of your winnings. The Betting Veteran is a winner, so he was highly pleased about that. Where they did let him down was their lack of features. The Betting Veteran enjoys being able to peruse stats and sometimes watch the game as he is going, but Pinnacle did not allow him to do this as the features that they had on offer were hugely limited.


Our verdict

The Pinnacle site came with a reputation before the Betting Veteran looked it over. Once he was finished, it is safe to say that on the most part, they lived up to that reputation. The first impression that the website gave was one of professionalism. It was designed to look great and respond quickly. Add to this the simple-to-use navigation and there is very little that could be improved about the Pinnacle website. They even offer two different versions of their app to gamblers – one of these is a slimmed-down version that works faster but offers a little less in terms of functionality. Pinnacle really are thinking of things from every angle. There is no bonus on offer, but they cover this by offering superior odds to everywhere else. The only real negative is the lack of features. The live betting could definitely do with some additional features to improve it.

Overall, the Pinnacle online sportsbook is definitely one of the best on the market. If you can gamble without the bells and whistles of extra features and you like to just place your bets and go about your day, then Pinnacle is definitely the place for you. They may not offer any bonuses, but if you are a winner, you will soon cover any bonus with the increased odds they offer.


  • They offer the best odds in the industry on almost all sports
  • They do not restrict accounts if you are a regular winner – they actually use winners to model their odds more accurately
  • Their website is very fast and responsive
  • They have huge wager limits, so high rollers are welcome
  • They do not offer a bonus to players
  • There are a distinct lack of features on offer to players


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