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The Betting Veteran has spent a great deal of time wandering around the world. He was there when the Chinese invented golf as well as the next day when the Chinese invented betting on golf. He was there when Wilt Chamberlain broke records in basketball, on and off the court. It is safe to say that he has a wealth of gambling experience. That is why he is the best person to look over online sportsbooks and let you know if they are right for you.

Betnow are a new sportsbook that appeared recently. They focus mainly on American sports, and due to this, they offer a very American-centric view of the sports betting world. As a new sportsbook, it is important to give them a chance to find their feet, but here is what the Betting Veteran fed back to us after spending some time using their services.

Betnow mobile review

The first thing you notice about Betnow when you first open up their mobile site is that it feels very dated. Their tagline is “We make it simple”, but navigating around the Betnow site is anything but simple. Firstly, when you visit their homepage, there is no link to the sportsbook section of their site. You have to physically open up the menu at the top of the page and then navigate to the sportsbook section from there. Secondly, the site has a very amateur feel to it. It does not look as though it was created by a company with any experience in creating user-friendly interfaces.

Once you make it to the sportsbook section, finding the sport you want is just as difficult. You have to open the drop-down menu and then scroll through a huge list to find the sport you want. This is made even more difficult because the list of options is not just split up into different sports, but is actually split up into each different league that is offered within each sport. This could be to try to pad out the number of sports that Betnow offer, because their options are severely limited when compared to their competitors.

Overall, using the Betnow mobile site is not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst sites out there in terms of navigation and ease of use.


What bonuses do Betnow offer?

bettingveteran betnow sports. bonusBetnow offer three different tiers of welcome bonus to players. Each one is along the same lines – they are matched bets, but each one has different terms to go with it. The first welcome bonus is a 100% matched bet. There is a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum deposit of $500 for this welcome bonus. There is a wagering requirement of 15 times for this bonus, so if you get the full $500 bonus, combined with your $500 deposit, then you will have to wager $15,000 before you can withdraw your funds.

The second welcome bonus is a 50% matched bet. This has a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum deposit of $2,000. This gives a potential bonus of $1,000. The wagering requirement for the 50% bonus is 8 times. This means that if you have got the full bonus, you will have a total account credit of $3,000. So you will have to wager $24,000 before you can withdraw your funds.

The final welcome bonus is a 25% matched bet. This has a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum deposit of $4,000. This gives a potential bonus of $1,000. The wagering requirement for the 25% bonus is 3 times. This means that if you have got the full bonus, you will have a total account credit of $5,000. So you will have to wager $15,000 before you can withdraw your funds.

Overall, this is a good choice of welcome bonuses as it allows players to choose which road they would personally like to go down and it gives a variety of different welcome bonuses.


What sports are available to bet on?

Betnow have one of the lowest numbers of sports available to players on the market. While they cover some of the more popular sports such as football and golf, they have missed out a huge number of sports from their list. This makes it very difficult to be able to place wagers on a variety of sports as there is not much of a variety available.

  • In total, Betnow have 10 sports available
  • This total does jump to 11 if you include eSports

bettingveteran betnow sports website


What features do Betnow offer?

The only features that Betnow really have on offer is the ability to play in-play betting. This is something that most online sportsbooks offer, but the number of markets that Betnow offer to players is significantly lower than almost every other sportsbook out there.

They do allow for e-wallets and Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals though. This is an excellent feature as it allows for much faster transactions and far more secure transactions. It is important that these are available as the speed of their bank transfers is quite slow, with some people reporting delays of up to two weeks for payments to be processed.


Betting Veteran pays a visit



The Betting Veteran was not impressed when he entered the Betnow site. Despite being an expert in all things betting, he found the Betnow site unnecessarily fiddly and annoying. It took him too long to be able to scroll through the sports to get to where he wanted. He was about to give up when he finally found the section for the day’s football matches. He was about to place a bet when he saw that with the game just three hours away, there were still no odds up for the game. That was the final straw for the Betting Veteran and he decided to spend his time elsewhere.


Our verdict

Betnow are without a doubt one of the worst online sportsbooks at the moment. It may seem quite harsh to say this as they are a relatively new sportsbook, but the website design is amateurish at best, and this shows that they do not really care about putting the work into creating a quality enterprise. They follow this up with a lack of features, a small number of sports on offer, and the odds for events going up extremely late. Also, unless you use an e-wallet, payments take forever.

Overall, it would be harsh to say that you should never use Betnow, because they are a new site. This means that they do have time to improve their operation and get up to the same standard as other online sportsbooks out there. However, at the moment, they are way off the competition, and unless they buck up their ideas, they will not last long enough to solve the problems  they have.


  • The welcome offer has a good number of choices


  • The site design is not very good
  • There are a small number of sports on offer
  • Bank transfers are very slow
  • There are very few features at Betnow


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